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Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Experience buffering?

Please follow these steps below so we can firstly find out what's wrong

  1. Find a random movie in your Plex library
  2. Download the file as shown in the image above, note the download speed, what speed do you get?
  3. What is your internet speed? Check with and then convert your result from Mbps to MB /s using this tool
  4. Download this file from Hetzner: What speed do you get?
  5. Download this file from What speed do you get?

Enter the results of the above 5 steps, in our test to get a quick response on what could be the cause of your buffering!

Test located here


If you are using chrome, the shortcut to seeing your downloads and their speeds is CTRL + J

What are peering issues - And why do they happen?

In short, peering issues simply mean that somewhere along the route between point A and point B, theres some congestion or fault drastically reducing the speed at which traffic can pass between both points.

Imagine that all internet providers in the world, are trucking companies - They use highways to deliver their goods from the origin location to its destination.

Some highways have 2 lanes, some have 4, some have 6 - Some are very congested on mondays, some are not. 

Imagine that you live in Miami, and your ISP(Trucking company) sends their goods via the i-95 to Boston everyday with no problem, and have done so for over a year now. 

However, for some reason in 2019 during february, some meteor crashed into the i95 causing damage to 2 of the 4 available lanes, which in turn resulted in congestion on the i95 because the throughput is now much less then what it normally is. 

What we now experience is that trucks are not reaching boston in time, they are very delayed and so the speed at which trucks were traveling from Miami to Boston was significantly reduced.

Some trucking companies might re-route the trucks away from the i95, and onto regular roads, but regular roads dont have the capacity or speed limits that the highway does, so this also results in delays going from miami to boston, resulting in slower speeds in terms of trucks getting from A to B.


As you can probably imagine, peering issues based on the illustration below can be sporadic - They can happen at anytime, and they can last for no more then a few hours, up to days or in really bad cases, months. 

What can You/Elysium do about peering issues?

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about peering issues - This is an issue happening outside our hosts network, all we can recommend is to try a CDN option - It may help, it may not - theres no promises.

Refer to these 3 options in regards to CDNs;

1. Enable one of our official CDN nodes, we recommend New York/AMS from our list



2. Configure your own CDN using cloudflare with our simple image based step by step guide, this is good in case our official CDNs are full

3. If you dont want to, or are unable to follow step 2, you can request a CDN share from another Elysium user that have created a CDN using step 2

Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Keep your server running smoothly

In order for your Elysium Appbox to always operate fast and smooth, it is important to take some steps to configure some settings on the Elysium Dashboard, aswell as keeping up with some maintenance tasks on your appbox, at


Making sure your appbox restarts daily

One of the cool features here at Elysium, is the ability to schedule your server to automatically restart daily
Navigate to server settings and make sure to schedule your server for daily restarts

Important steps to take regularly

Plex allows you to run some maintenance tasks via web panel that'll help keep your server snappy
you should run these weekly or bi-weekly

  1. Access the settings dialog buttonchrome_V909eVFiSI.jpg
  2. Browse to "Troubleshooting"chrome_oZrwUGm1Gn.jpg
  3. Clean Bundles
  4. Optimize Database
Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Noticing "Indirect connection" on plex?


1. I do not have CDN enabled

First, go to -> settings(top right corner) -> remote access, is it red? Or green?

If its green, your server is fine and the issue is with your network

If its red

If reset plex config and re-claim didn't solve it

Please follow this guide ->

I have CDN enabled

  1. Disable the CDN, reset plex config - confirm it is then green in remote access
  2. Enable CDN again and confirm it is once again green
Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Noticing "Insecure connection" in plex?

An insecure connection can happen due to multiple things, on Plex, plex assigns each server a certificate for "secure connections", this happens automatically - But sometimes there can be issues with the certificates, or can have an issue causing the certificate to not work. 

This can  result in the "insecure" message, usually you can simply click "allow insecure" and regain access to the server, and then check back later to see if its resolved.

If you want to actively try and troubleshoot it, follow the following procedure

I do not have CDN enabled

  1. handles dynamic assigning of SSL certificates for all servers, if you are getting an insecure connection, it is either because your client has issues connecting via SSL, or has issues assigning you a certificate.
  2. Try restarting the server
  3. Try resetting config via manage page and re-claim
  4. Wait it out

I have CDN enabled

  1. Go to your dashboard, grab your shared ID and open https://{YOUR-SHARED-ID}.YOURDOMAIN in your browser, does it load? If so, secure connections work fine and you can conclude its a client issue
  2. If it doesn't work, CDN may be broken - uninstall, and re-install
Issue related to Plex Server/Streaming

Missing metadata?(Posters, artwork etc)

Missing metadata in plex is normal, sometimes the server will simply fail to grab metadata, sometimes the issue will be at - Theres ways to correct this, and we will go over this here

Missing metadata can also indicate that the server haven't been rebooted lately, or is not being properly maintained

The "Fast" but "Annoying" way

  1. Enter the library in plex thats missing posters, and sort it by "Date added"