1080p Library Locations

This page documents the available media paths for all appboxes, that may contain media.


Included by default in Elysium image as of July 2020

These below paths are added automatically, using our "inject library feature" if you are unsure. Read more about it HERE













TV Shows

/storage/3rdstorage/TV shows3rd









Kids TV














Additional locations not included in the image by default

Want to add these niche paths to your library? Do so the manual way, read more about it HERE

* If you do not see any content in any of the folders below, try rebooting your appbox. If you still dont see any content, its because there aint any, yet!

Please note, content in "niche" library locations, are typically contributed by Elysium customers - Elysium rarely provide the content in these locations


TV Libraries


Foreign TV

  • /storage/ceph/cForeignTV
    • Hindi
    • Danish

Danish TV


Movie Libraries

Vintage Animation


Sport Movies(Boxing etc)


Foreign Movies

  • /storage/ceph/cForeignMovies/
    • cHindiMovies1
    • cDutchMovies1

Low Quality Movies


Wrestling Movies


UFC Movies





Contributor Storage

This location contains sub folders for Movies, tv shows, foreign tv and more. DO NOT add the root folder path, browse the sub folders and add the relevant sub folders to the relevant media libraries in plex!