Appbox watch history backup, user invite backup

The Elysium dashboard provides the ability to manually, or daily back up the watch history of an appbox. 


Manual watch history backup

Navigate to your appbox on your Elysium dashboard, and click the "Manage Plex Backups" button, to create a backupchrome_FHuCjVnkuR.png


Automated Plex Watch History Backup

You can also configure Elysium to take a backup daily, of your appbox completely automated. 

1. Navigate to your user settings, in the top right corner


2. Click settings

3. Click Server settings

4. Enable Daily backups


Please note:

In some circumstances, restoring a back up may only restore partial watch history, or no watch history at all.


Back up invited users, from an appbox

1. Navigate to "Plex Tools" -> Invites" in the side menu

2. Click "Create Back up"


3. Login to your plex account and follow the dialogue to create a snapshot of invited users.

4. When ready, click "restore from backup" to re-invite the backed up users, to any other appbox you may have