Claiming the appbox to

When you first receive your Elysium access details(via email), you will need to login to the server dashboard and claim the server.

When a server is claimed toward a account, the server will appear in all plex apps that are logged into the same account, that you claimed the server with.

Log in to your dashboard

First, you need to log in to your dashbaord

PS! Your login details has been sent to you by E-mail.

You will now see a list of your server(s)

Make sure your server is running, then you can claim your server

Please note that you cannot claim the Plex server with your Google or Facebook account.
If you use google or facebook to login to, please go to and setup a username for your account - Use this username instead of the google/facebook email!


If you see "Plex service not responding" as illustrated in the image below, you must click the "rebuild plex server" button and wait 40 minutes, after which the green thumbs up illustrated in the first image of this article, should appear to indicate you are ready to claim!


Fill in your Plex details and click "Claim Plex Server"

And thats it!