Configure your own "custom" CDN


Getting a domain

First you need a domain. For example Godaddy

Register on Cloudflare

Create an account on and add your newly purchased domain. Read the article on how to do this here

Creating certs with Cloudflare

Step 1. Navigate to the Crypto page on Cloudflare

Log in to and click the "Crypto" icon. You might need to click your domain name first.

Step 2. Change your SSL to "Full (strict)"

The change will be saved automatically!

Step 3. Create certificate"

Under Origin Certificates - Click Create Certificate

Step 4. Fill out the form

After clicking "Create Certificate", a popup will open.

  • Select "Let Cloudflare generate a private key and a CSR"
  • Make sure to select "RSA"
  • Leave list hostnames default to what is preselected
  • For certificate expiration close anything from 1 year to 15 years depending on if you want

Step 5. Generate the certs

Now click next, and you will be given your certificates.

  • Copy the Origin certificate to text editor and save it with the name chain.pem
  • Copy the Private key to a text editor and save it with the name privkey.pem
  • Make a copy of chain.pem and name it fullchain.pem

Step 6. Get the root cert

Click this link
Find the "Cloudflare Origin CA — RSA Root" accordian. Then click it to expand, and copy the content.
Then open fullchain.pem and paste the contents under -----END CERTIFICATE-----

Providing us with the needed data

Head over to settings - CDN Host page. You will be presented with a form asking for some data.

Cloudflare data

Login to and click your domain.
In the "overview" tab, scroll down and find the Zone ID. Copy this and add it to the form.
Click the "get your api key" button underneath the "account ID" box. Scroll down and click "view" on "Global api key". Copy this and add it to the form. The Cloudflare E-mail is the email you logged in with. Add this to the form.

Domain data

Enter your domain in the "Domain" field. Do not include http, https, or www.

.pem file content

Open the chain.pem, fullchain.pem and privkey.pem in your favorite editor.
Copy ALL of the content and copy into their respective text area in the form.

When you're done, click "Save information"

That's it!

You may head over to the dashbaord, and the new CDN will appear in the CDN kronos dropdown list!