Content showing "Unavailable"

Theres 2 primary reasons for content to be showing as unavailable

Content is being replaced(upgraded or moved)

If this is the case, it can be verified by checking several movies, if only a few, or only one is "unavailable" the below info is relevant

We replace content daily in order to upgrade the quality of the movies and shows, when this happens the original copy is first deleted, and once the new copy is post-processed, it will be added as a replacement - During this time-frame, the original will appear "unavailable", in this case you simply wait and scan again later.

After this, duplicate items may appear for a movie or a tv episode, in this case, empty trash on your library


The mount drives on your node/Appbox are unmounted

If this is the case, you will find several items "Unavailable", usually several hundred, if not thousands of items both in TV and movies

If this happens, simply reboot your appbox to remount the folders - Reboot via the "Restart" button on

None of the above solutions worked?!

1. If its only a few items, and not the majority of the library, please report the tv show/movie via the request lounge

2. If its all the items in your library, or a majority, please submit a ticket on