Errors streaming? Transcoder exited due to an error?

Learn how to troubleshoot transcoding errors, and how to obtain enough info for us to help you.


Transcoding errors, stream crashes.

The most common error will usually be "Transcoder exited due to an error" there can be many reasons for this error, some could be Elysiums fault, some could be your fault, the user - It is important to know how to debug these issues, and how to identify whos at fault, so you can better inform Elysium staff via the manage page ticket system.

Clear codec directory

Usually, transcoding errors can be fixed immediately by clearing the codec files

Navigate to your appbox dashboard, scroll down and click the button under "troubleshooting". If this doesnt solve the issue, please proceed to the next suggestion on this page



How to identify the cause of the error

  1. Go to
  2. Click the settings icon, scroll down on the menu bar to the left, and click "Console"chrome_dmiaIWttnk.jpg
  3. In the console, top right - filter the view for "error", alternatively, type "mde" in the search box to identify transcode errorschrome_NVehYsMoDk.png
  4. Check the errors, note them down and provide them to us in a ticket