Friday 15th incident update

Update on the data loss friday the 15th of november.

Most content has been restored, currently we are moving movies from our primary storage server to 5thstorage and 6thstorage to even out the load

- This means that 5thstorage and 6thstorage are currently under heavy load due to appboxes scanning the movies moving from one place to the other.

This process will finish on november 22nd. If you experience buffering issues from now, and until november 23rd, the above is most likely the reason for the buffering issues.

If the content you stream is from any of these folder locations;

  • 4thstorage
  • 3rdstorage
  • 2ndstorage
  • content

Then you will not experience issues

If they are from;

  • 5thstorage
  • 6thstorage

Then you may experience issues

Tomorrow morning, if the move of the files is not completed(the process is slow right now due to heavy load) we will reboot all nodes again, in order to finish the process early in the morning.

By november 23rd, to november 24th ish - We expect performance to be near normal again, if all goes well.

Please stop asking questions like "Why is X movie missing, Y TV show doesn't exist no more, i have buffering never had it before" We are working on resolving it, give us a few days and if not, please cancel your subscription for a refund.