How does the request lounge work?

The per user, limit system

When you access the request page, you will notice a top information bar like so

This information bar keeps you informed on the rules which are applied to your account, you can hover over each item to get more information on its purpose, as illustrated here

These limits may change as we mature this system, currently what we can limit and what we do limit is

  1. Movies older then 15 years are limited to X amount / week
  2. Movies with an IMDB rating lower than 3 is limited to X amount / week
  3. Movies with a language other than English is limited to X amount / week

Request handling

Currently movie requests are automatically approved and sent to the download client to be added, as such when you request a movie, it should(if it is downloadable) appear in the library within 1-2 hours of it being requested. 

TV Shows are manually approved, we cannot provide a time estimate from when a requested TV show appears, it depends on the work load and current request queue. 


Request states

Pending(TV) -> Its not yet added to sonarr, awaiting Elysium staff

Pending(Movies) -> Added to radarr, will appear when / if radarr finds the movie

Monitored -> Its added to sonarr/Radarr, and being searched for

Queued -> Its added to sonarr/Radarr, and being searched for

Denied -> It couldnt be found

Reasoning for not automating TV Show requests

TV Show requests are not automatically approved like movies, for the simple reason that we dont want a TV show library that consists of incomplete seasons or shows, it is very normal that some shows are only partially available for download 
If we automatically approved all of this, then we would have tv shows in the library that are partially available, with missing episodes - This we do not want, and as such we manually approve tv shows to make sure that all seasons and all episodes are available. 

The request UI

The request UI is quite simple, the basic functionality is shown in the screenshot below

The rating bar
This rating bar shows in percentage, but translates to IMDB rating. A percentage of 57, would equal an IMDB rating of 5.7
Request functionality
When clicking this button, you request this content, if for TV shows a kronos dropdown menu will appear if multiple seasons are possible to request, upon requesting content you will automatically subscribe for notifications.
This means you will receive an email notification when and if your request is available within plex.
The Subscribe button with the bell icon is our subscribe feature. You can subscribe to content, meaning you will receive email notifications if and when this request is available on your Plex server.
The report icon top right of each card, allows you to report issues with media that is marked either available, or partially available at Elysium