How to get Support, At Elysium

Below are the 2 primary methods of support at Elysium explained, if you contact Elysium any other way then the ticket system, supply the following information OR WE CANNOT HELP AND YOU WILL BE REFERED TO THIS ARTICLE!


  • The email you registered with us, with.
  • The server ID of your Elysium service, you can find it on
  • A detailed description of your issue


Dashboard Ticket System

Support at Elysium is done officially through the ticket system on your server dashboard, the dashboard ticket system allows us to keep a history and a correspondence on support cases over longer periods, and insures that we can respond promptly, accurately and have all technical data at hand in order to best resolve your issue.

The ticket system can be found here >> <> <<

Discord Support

In some cases, support can also be provided through discord. Support through discord is however very inefficient, and if contact is made at a time where we are not available, or the issue requires a longer correspondence, then there is a great chance of your submission being forgotten, as keeping memory of who raised an issue earlier in the day, is impossible.

If you want support via discord, please accept the fact that;

* It may take longer to solve your issue
* Your request may be forgotten or ignored, not on purpose but if we dont have time right this moment we dont let chats linger in discord
* If you want accurate and quick results, you should use the ticket system above.

If you want discord support
Please PM Suspense, and fill out the following template. A request with an incomplete template will be ignored.

What is the issue
Explain it similar to how you would tell a 3 year old how to fetch a banana from the end of an obstacle course

My server ID is (can be found on your dashboard)