I'm curious how subtitles work

Subzero and Bazarr!

On Elysium we run sub-zero/Bazarr to automatically grab subtitles in a large variety of languages, sub-zero/Bazarr matches the download subtitle with the filename and attempts to find a proper matching subtitle.

What if Subzero/Bazarr fails?

More often then not, the subtitle will be out of sync, therefore we have set a few rules regarding subtitles:

  1. We do not officially support subtitles
  2. If they are not in sync, then we often cant do much about it, use kodi to correct them
  3. You are free to contact us and tells us the EXACT amount of seconds the subtitle is delayed or ahead by, the language of the subtitle and the exact movie and episode, then we might resolve it manually if and when we have time
  4. We do not guarantee subtitle corrections or support, theres literally tenths of thousands of subs, it is not realistic for us to correct all subtitles on request.