Mismatched content

Sometimes, plex will scan a show or a movie incorrectly - The file might be called "Bob" but plex will scan it as "Charlie", and thus you might think "Bob" is missing, when in fact its not.


To first identify a mismatched movie or show, you must first filter the library view by folders:

**Note** This has to be done via the plex web panel, via a web browser on https://plex.tv 

In this view, you will be able to locate the folder of a show, which usually correctly represents the actual show or movie. 

In this particular instance, im looking for "Lego masters UK" but im not finding it. By looking in folder view, i can see that a folder called "LEGO Masters (UK) exists



So we click the folder, then we click the season folder, which brings us to the episodes.


Now if we click episode 1, we will see what show its matched as. In this case, episode 1 is correctly matched as Lego Masters (UK) as seen below


Now lets go back, and click episode 2, because it seems we only have 1 episode in season 1, of "Lego masters UK"


Here we can see that episode 2, is matched as "Lego masters (DK)", lets confirm that this episode is in fact Lego Masters (UK) by checking the file info


Here, we can see that in fact, this episode is actually Lego Masters (UK), but for some reason the filename is wrong. If we play the episode, we can further confirm that its the UK show, and not the DK show


So how do we fix this now?. After clicking episode 2, we click the title of the show in the episode view, this takes us to the show in plex


Here, we need to re-match the show, so it merges with the UK version in plex.


Click "Search options" and fill in the name of the show it should be, and the year, or leave the year blank


Click "Search" and then check the result list, find "Lego Masters (UK)" and click it


Now, this is what Lego Masters (UK) looked like before we fixed this mismatch


As you can see, only 1 episode for season 1.

Now after we clicked the match result above, and matched the incorrect danish show, we see;


4 episodes in total. Now we will be able to find Lego Masters (UK) when we search for it.

This procedure can be used to identify mismatches for any show or movie, and to correct it.

In some cases, you might find that a single show contains 2 files, one file is the correct show, and another is the wrong show - The same procedure as above applies to resolve this issue, but before re-matching it, you must first click "Split apart". If this was the case with the above example of "Lego Masters (UK)" being identified as "Lego Masters (DK)" after we split it, we would have 2x Lego Masters (DK) in the library. 1 will point to the UK files, and 1 will point to the DK files. By clicking "Get info" on each file, you can identify which is which, and then you can re-match the right one.