Missing metadata?(Posters, artwork etc)

Missing metadata in plex is normal, sometimes the server will simply fail to grab metadata, sometimes the issue will be at plex.tv - Theres ways to correct this, and we will go over this here

Missing metadata can also indicate that the server haven't been rebooted lately, or is not being properly maintained

The "Fast" but "Annoying" way

  1. Enter the library in plex thats missing posters, and sort it by "Date added"chrome_FHRI9ecZLP-min.png
  2. Shift + click the first item missing metadata, scroll down a few rows and then click(while holding shift still) the last item, to mark multiple items at oncechrome_xvTaRRf7r6.jpg
  3. Click the 3 dots top right, then "refresh metadata"chrome_VHEjsX95CD-min.png
  4. Keep doing this until all metadata is back

The "Slow" but "Less annoying" way

1. Hover over the library missing metadata, and follow below imagechrome_QduiVmt4Xb.png

I have tried everything and nothing works!

If step 1, 2 and 3 above in combination didn't work, it is most likely a corrupt database - a re-deploy of the server would be required.
Please open a ticket to get further assistance!