Missing movies or tv shows? Believe you are not receiving updates?

Over time, we expand our storage which results in new storage folders that must be added to your Plex Libraries in order for the newly added content to be available on your appbox.

New paths pushed by Elysium

By default, Elysium will push any new paths to your appbox automatically. If you think you might be missing some paths, please submit a ticket on your server dashboard, or add them manually

Adding paths manually, if "inject" doesnt work


Browse to https://plex.tv and access your server, edit the library that you want to update the paths for, like so;





Click the folder you want to add, then click "add" then "save changes.


Are you a 4k customer?

By default, the 4k movie/tv library will not be present on plus range appboxes, that do support 4k.

In order to receive 4k, if you are applicable - You must first create a new library in plex, then add the 4k movie paths

  1. Navigate to https://plex.tv/web and click "More"chrome_2NxgjjlbZu.png
  2. Next, hover over your server name, and click the + icon for "Add library"chrome_UWjrFJ6ilT.png
  3. Create a "Movie" or "TV" library, and add the 4k folders(they are named 4k)

Content is mismatched

Sometimes plex will scan a show or a movie, and match it incorrectly - The result of this is that the show you expect to be called "A" might be called "B", and so you wont ind it if you do a search

Before concluding something is missing, please check for this issue first by navigating to the relevant library and filtering the library by "folder" view


Then please navigate to the folder with the correct name for the show you are looking for, enter the TV episodes there to see what the show was matched as, then you can correct it by "re-matching" the show or movie afterwards!