Missing movies or tv shows? Believe you are not receiving updates?

Over time, we expand our storage which results in new storage folders that must be added to your Plex Libraries in order for the newly added content to be available on your appbox.

Using the "Inject Library Path" feature

On your https://manage.elysium.to dashboard, at the bottom you will find a "Inject library path" button, simply click this button and follow the procedure in order to update your plex libraries.

Once this process is done, you are sure to receive the newest added movies and shows from us!

Are you a 4k customer?

By default, the 4k movie library will not be present on plus range appboxes, that do support 4k.

In order to receive 4k, if you are applicable - You must first create a new library in plex, then add the 4k movie paths, or use the library inject feature for "4k movies"

  1. Navigate to https://plex.tv/web and click "More"chrome_2NxgjjlbZu.png
  2. Next, hover over your server name, and click the + icon for "Add library"chrome_UWjrFJ6ilT.png
  3. Create a "Movie" library, and add the 4k folders(they are named 4k) or finish the dialig without folders, and use the path inject tool on the management dashboard!