Noticing "Insecure connection" in plex?

An insecure connection can happen due to multiple things, on Plex, plex assigns each server a certificate for "secure connections", this happens automatically - But sometimes there can be issues with the certificates, or can have an issue causing the certificate to not work. 

This can  result in the "insecure" message, usually you can simply click "allow insecure" and regain access to the server, and then check back later to see if its resolved.

If you want to actively try and troubleshoot it, follow the following procedure

I do not have CDN enabled

  1. handles dynamic assigning of SSL certificates for all servers, if you are getting an insecure connection, it is either because your client has issues connecting via SSL, or has issues assigning you a certificate.
  2. Try restarting the server
  3. Try resetting config via manage page and re-claim
  4. Wait it out

I have CDN enabled

  1. Go to your dashboard, grab your shared ID and open https://{YOUR-SHARED-ID}.YOURDOMAIN in your browser, does it load? If so, secure connections work fine and you can conclude its a client issue
  2. If it doesn't work, CDN may be broken - uninstall, and re-install