The TV Schedule

All Elysium customers have access to the TV schedule, the TV Schedule shows the status of previous, and upcoming TV episodes that we are monitoring.


The TV schedule indicates status in a simple color format


In the calender, Green indicates that the episode is available on Elysium- Blue indicates that the episode have not yet aired, and thus should not be available on your Elysium appbox - Red Indicates that the episode has aired, but is not yet on Elysium.

If an episode is marked as Red, a few reasons could be at fault

1. It is not possible to find any download links, and so it was not downloaded

2. It was possible to find download links, but not in a resolution we want


The full calender is illustrated below


Get notified by email, when an episode is available!

An important feature of our TV schedule, is the notification system - It is possible to "like" shows on the calender, and get notified via email when new episodes of your "liked" shows are added to Elysium, allowing you to easily know when you should initiate a server scan to catch the episode!

1. Click the show you want to monitor, then click the "Favorite this show" button


2. Your favorite shows are shown in the general calender view, illustrated by a tiny heart


Thats it! You will never miss an episode again!